Best VPNs for BitTorrent

The Best VPNs for BitTorrentBitTorrent protocol has become ever popular over the years. With over 150 million downloads each month across bittorrent clients, it is no surprise that the file sharing industry is becoming a large part of the internet.

Bittorrent supports the practice of the peer-to-peer infrastructure in the way it operates. Meaning there is no main host that delivers a file, thousands of users host the file from their own connection, and users connect while downloading that file directly from that users computer. Peer-to-peer filesharing is known as an indestructible architecture in the way it operates, as there is no main host, just a swarm of users hosting the content between themselves.

While file sharing is great, there is a risk behind sharing files unprotected. When sharing a file over the internet with no protection anyone in the swarm can grab users IP addresses, inject malicious packets, and conduct fare more harm than is seen on the surface. While bittorrent is completely legal, some countries want to restrict access to such content. Countries are trying to ban peer-to-peer networks, filesharing, and the bittorrent protocol as it is believed to ’cause harm’ to specific industries. Most claim is causes harm to the media industry, as users may share files illegally without the owners consent. While such is true and happens often, the bittorrent protocol is widely used across the internet.

Many governments, schools, software developers, researchers, and media industries rely on bittorrent. The protocol allows for sharing of content freely without the need for a host. Bittorrent is also widely used to share Linux distros. The non-profit operations cannot afford to host the files on their own network as they do not profit from their operations, and bittorrent is extremely useful to the industry. It allows the content creators to share their files across the world with no restrictions or extra bandwidth costs.

As internet restrictions get tighter and tighter, it’s time to break free and use a VPN. Below are the best VPN’s for bittorrent. Services below keep state they keep absolutely no logs of any kind and offer optimal security. We will not be mentioning privacy or security concerns to much as these services have proven track records. Read their specific reviews for more on their policies.

Private Internet Access

private internet access bittorrentPrivate Internet Access is among our top choices as the service is fully unrestricted and anonymous. Private Internet Access offers a fast and unrestricted VPN service for a very reasonable price-point. The service is unrestricted on all servers and all 14 countries users connect to. While the service is overall great, Private Internet Access also offers compatibility among almost every device on the market.


  • Fully unrestricted service
  • Allows bittorent on all servers
  • Offers free proxy with service, can be used for bittorent
  • Allows up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Compatible with almost every device on the market, routers, phones, operating systems, etc.


  • Operates under the jurisdiction of the United States of America

Visit the Private Internet Access Website


LiquidVPN bittorrentLiquidVPN is among our second choice due to the equally fast and unrestricted service. As LiquidVPN does not support quite as many devices, the service remains unrestricted among all servers. LiquidVPN also supports network transparency and warrant canary. Meaning they post legal threats and the actions they have taken against those legal threats. Warrant canary is great as it shows exactly how the provider took action and lets consumers know that the service is not turning over logs or giving away user data.


  • Bittorrent unrestricted across all servers and countries
  • Warrant canary (show legal threats and what actions they took)
  • Blazing fast service across all servers
  • Perfect forward secrecy certified
  • Offers intrusion prevention system to filter bad traffic and possibly harmful packets
  • Offers encrypted non-logging DNS
  • Offers IP modulation


  • Operates under the jurisdiction of the United States of America

Visit the LiquidVPN Website


torguard bittorrentTorGuard offers an exceptional service for bittorrent. TorGuard markets themselves to be one of the best providers for bittorent downloading services. TorGuard offers over 30+ countries to connect to along with additional bittorent proxies to route specific torrent traffic through. The additional proxy package can run the price up a bit, along with their additional smart DNS, the price for the service can get a bit higher. While the VPN itself is exceptional, we found the additional products to steer the price up.


  • Allows bittorrent on all 30+ country locations
  • Great add-ons for bittorent
  • Decent overall service even though we harp on it a bit


  • Operates under the jurisdiction of the United States of America
  • At one time, terms of service noted adult content was not allowed to be streamed through their service
  • Service can get pricy with additional add-ons
  • Asks for far to much data during sign up and retains such data while using services

Visit the TorGuard Website


cyberghost bittorrentCyberGhost recently redid their service and opened CyberGhost five. CyberGhost has one of the largest amount of countries to connect to that allows bittorrent services among every server. To make it short and sweet, CyberGhost offers a great service for it’s fair pricepoint.


  • Allows bittorrent on all 24+ countries
  • Has clients for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, routers, and more
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Romania
  • Supports the open internet and does more than just providing a VPN service


  • Service can seem a bit gimiky with its graphics, doesn’t add or take away from the service
  • Nothing really, service is straight to the point and as advertised

Visit the CyberGhost Website


cryptostorm bittorrentCryptoStorm is one of the most underrated VPN’s in the industry. While the service is structurally anonymous it is optimal for privacy and security. CryptoStorm is a spwan off of the previous CryptoCloud service. CryptoStorm needs no introduction in privacy and security, the service is fully unrestricted across all servers.


  • Supports every device imaginable
  • Supports bittorent on all servers
  • Fast service for streaming
  • Offers open source client
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Iceland


  • While the VPN is great, the guides for setup need to be a bit more detailed, why this service is ranked #5

Visit the CryptoStorm Website

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