Best VPNs for DD-WRT Router


While VPN’s are essential on computers and mobile devices, setup can be pesky. Making sure the VPN has configurations and allows simultaneous connections to support every device on the network can be a grueling task. Newer technology now allows the ability to implement a VPN into the router. That means yes, everything that connects to that router goes through the VPN. That means the router is the host for all devices. All mobile devices, consoles, media players, and computers connected to that network will route through the VPN network. To add, it only counts as one connection, so if a VPN only allows 1 simultaneous connection, the router is seen as one connection even though its encrypting connections for multiple devices at one time.

To implement a VPN into your router setup, it is possible to get a router and flash the firmware with popular open source projects, the two most popular being DD-WRT and Tomato. DD-WRT compatibility is what this article will focus on. Flashing a router can be quite easy depending on your technical expertise. We personally recommend a great selection of pre-flashed DD-WRT routers on our router page. You can buy pre-configured routers from third party providers. We actually recommend it as you are sure get a working DD-WRT router and not brick your own. With the high price of some routers, getting one pre-configured for a few bucks more is worth it.

Now if you already have a DD-WRT router you may know its a bit harder to find reliable VPN’s for your router. Many VPN’s can’t handle bandwidth intensive sessions, or eat up far to many resources and cause the router to overheat and slow down. We have dealt with this far more than we would like to admit. Through testing, below are the best providers we found to be compatible and give great speeds throughout DD-WRT routers. DD-WRT is supported on far more devices than any other firmwares such as Tomato, just note the OpenVPN connections may not be as stable. This is DD-WRT’s fault, not the VPN provider.


airvpn ddwrtAirVPN is a reliable VPN provider who provides extensive support for DD-WRT routers. With their own custom guides, one click configuration, and multiple connection support, AirVPN offers the all-in-one DD-WRT solution. While AirVPN is infact a smaller company, the speed, server configuration, and secure DNS make AirVPN our number one choice across routers from personal testing.


  • Supports DD-WRT among many other configurations
  • Fast reliable VPN
  • Smart and secure DNS
  • Over 13 countries to connect to
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Italy



  • May be a bit ‘too’ technically oriented

Visit the AirVPN Website



Liquid ddwrt

LiquidVPN offers great detailed support for DD-WRT routers with many extra features. While LiquidVPN offers great DD-WRT support they offer dedicated IP’s, intrusion preventio firewalls, and strong encryption algorithms. While LiquidVPN is a bit of a smaller VPN provider this does not affect the fast and effective service. With a new encrypted, non-logging DNS, LiquidVPN is a top choice for DD-WRT solutions.


  • Support for DD-WRT routers
  • Secure, encrypted, non-logging DNS
  • IP modulation, automatically renews IP’s every few seconds
  • Intrusion prevention network
  • Secure, non-NIST algorithms


  • Operates under the jurisdiction of the United States of America

Visit the LiquidVPN Website


vyprvpn ddwrt

VyprVPN is an older VPN provider who offers extensive support for routers, especially DD-WRT. Along with VyprVPN’s support for DD-WRT routers, they offer many great additional features. VyprVPN offers over 40 different countries to connect to, own proprietary encryption, along with owning their own data centers. This means VyprVPN works where their servers are located, meaning they oversee physical access to the servers. They also have started offering a secure, non-logging, encrypted DNS server.


  • Great DD-WRT support
  • Extremely fast and reliable VPN provider
  • Offers proprietary encryption algorithms, along with normal secure algorithms
  • Owns their own data centers
  • Offers secure, non-logging, encrypted DNS
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Switzerland


  • May be a bit pricy month to month

Visit the VyprVPN Website


torguard ddwrt

TorGuard offers setup for DD-WRT routers along with selling their own DD-WRT routers. A DD-WRT router purchased from them comes pre-flashed, along with your TorGuard VPN setup. The DD-WRT configuration setup is not difficult,but the added feature is great. In regards to the service, TorGuard offers a decent service. It is not bad, but not great, why we are listing it last. They offer support and are a decent provider.


  • Allows connections to over 30+ countries
  • Offers reliable VPN for DD-WRT router
  • Offers proxies and smart DNS for extra cost


  • Terms of Service stated porn was ban at one point – source
  • Operate under the jurisdiction of the United States of America

Visit the TorGuard Website


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