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Who we are

Who is behind the VPNFTW website? The identities of the website can be seen below, but we want to talk about what we are to the VPN community. VPNFTW is not just another “vpn review site” we are much more. We are here to change the community and bring change to the market.
To Start:
If you haven’t been on these so call “vpn review” sites, then we will give a little background. Most VPN providers will pay a small commission if someone clicks your link and buys it. Win, win. The provider makes an honest sale, the review website makes some money, and the consumer gets their VPN and everyone is on their way. While this sounds great, the market has turned into a who pays the most to reviewers per sale. Average commission rates range from %10-30. Some scammy providers have started to offer %90-100. This means reviewers are actively reviewing these bogus providers with false reviews and making %100 commission for your sale. Then you’re left with a horrid, insecure, logging VPN service.
Where we come in:
VPNFTW is here to change that. While we do utilize those commission based programs, we WILL NOT AND HAVE NEVER falsely reviewed a provider to make extra cash from programs. Our site will NEVER be based around the commission these providers who pay out. If the provider wants to pay big money per sale, we will review it honestly. If it is horrid, it will get 1 star, if it’s great, it will get a higher rating.
This is common… right?
Wrong. VPNFTW is one of the very few vpn review sites to publish honest reviews not based on how much commission we receive. To be honest, we may be making a small commission from some sales and we note that we do, but even if a provider is great and offers no payout per sale, we will still recommend them. VPNFTW is here to change the industry. No more will the review market be dominated by bogus over advertised providers, we are here to change the whole entire market. Reviewers have strict review terms and analyze the whole website with extreme detail. Reviews will have in an depth analysis without begin over technical so no one understands it.
Who are we?
We want to help bring change to the so-called review market, and while that does sound a bit cheesy, it’s quite true. We are the website that may have to endure attacks as scammy providers lash back for reviewing their service and leaving a poor rating. Below you can find a bit more about the team, but this is who we are to the market and why you matter to us! We want the best for you, not the ourselves or the providers.


VPNFTW is comprised of a small one man team at the moment. Myself, Brandon Stosh, is the only writer at VPNFTW. Stosh runs multiple cyber security based websites along with having a long term career in cyber security.

Our Authors

Brandon Stosh (CEO, Writer, Author, Designer, Cyber-Security Professional)

Brandon Stosh is the CEO and full time author at VPNFTW.com. Operating his cyber security website, https://freedomhacker.net, Stosh has established his name in the cyber security industry. Providing breaking news on vulnerabilities, hack attacks, encryption flaws and more, Stosh considers himself a growing professional the field of cyber security.