Best VPNs for Android

best vpns for android

With modern technology emerging, privacy and security are now a top priority on the go. With attackers inside coffee shops, NSA tracking cell phones every moves, and modern threats emerging every second, security is an ongoing battle.

Attackers have recently modified a drone that can trick your phone into connecting to a false network and withdrawing all the data off of it. This includes banks, emails, text messages, application data, and much more. With a threat the size of a small drone flying over a consumer for around 5 seconds and withdrawing that much data, attackers are clearly mobilizing. Since attackers are mobilizing and sniffing public networks is there anyway to get around this?

There infact is a simple way to automatically fend off threats while on the go. While the solution may not stop a drone from sucking up your data overhead, it will defiantly make it harder if not fend off the attacker since they do not wish to waste time. The simple solution is to run a VPN on the mobile device, not just run it when its in use, but run it while it remains in the pocket. If you go into a coffee shop, the phone may remember the network name and password. The second your phone identifies the network, it will infact connect and start trasnferring data over the network without consent. Everything that is not HTTPS by default will go over in plain text. Attackers love this as they can scoop up data right away. If the VPN is only on when the phone is in use, the attacker will scrape up data while it is in the consumers pocket.

Say you turn on the VPN and put it in your pocket, the phone will identity the network, and connect. This time the VPN will be the shield. The second the phone connects, the VPN filters all packets through the VPN encrypting the data no matter it being HTTPS or not. Attackers hate this as they cannot scoop any data at all, immediately, or within the time your connected to the network.

A VPN obscures attackers motives and they will move to the next target as your data is unreadable. Below are the top VPN’s for Android mobile devices.

Private Internet Access

private internet access androidPrivate Internet Access is one our most widely recommended VPN providers on This is because they have configurations for just about everything imaginable along  with simple to use clients. Private Internet Access offers an amazing and simple Android client. With the application you can choose server locations, choose where you want to appear, the type of encryption and just click connect. They have great features such as connect on startup and reconnect if it disconnects. Overall Private Internet Access has a great Android application that is simple and secure.


  • Simple one click connect Android Client
  • Vast amount of servers to connect to
  • Fast and Secure
  • Cheap


  • During peak hours some servers may be slower
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of the United States of America

Check out the Private Internet Access Website!


vyprvpn best AndroidVyprVPN is another one of our top recommended providers. It too has clients for just about every device along with a great Android application. The one click connect application offers features to seamlessly switch servers. The application is simple, easy to use, and one of the better clients we have tested. With Goldenfrog owning their own datacenters, security is a top priority. VyprVPN is overall a great VPN.


  • Great easy to use Android client
  • Company physically operates their own servers
  • Over 40+ countries to connect to
  • Fast and secure VPN
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Switzerland


  • Can be a bit pricier month to month

Check out the VyprVPN Website!


cyberghost androidCyberGhost is a bit of an older Romanian based provider who has recently upgraded their service. Offering OpenVPN for Android the service provides long and reliable connections. CyberGhost offers its own application for the Android, but we found their OpenVPN config to be faster and reliable on the Android OpenVPN app.


  • Fast and reliable connection
  • Wide range of servers to connect to
  • Decent prices
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Romania


  • May seem a bit flashy with features

Check out the CyberGhost Website!


vikingvpn best androidVikingVPN is one of the smaller VPN’s on the market. While they only offer three countries to connect to, they are the fastest mobile provider we have tested to date. VikingVPN strictly offers OpenVPN and no applications for Android, only an OpenVPN config. While the service is blazing fast and secure, it does have limited features.


  • Extremely fast
  • Only offers OpenVPN
  • Simple secure setup


  • Pricier month to month
  • Only three countries to connect to
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of the United States of America

Check out the VikingVPN Website!


airvpn androidAirVPN is another top rated provider, but for its one feature. Their configuration generator. AirVPN offers a generator that can create any VPN config you could imagine. While offering any configuration imaginable, AirVPN offers a simple and secure setup for Android. Offering OpenVPN files for Android, AirVPN offers a fast and secure mobile connection.


  • Easy one click configuration generator
  • Secure OpenVPN connections
  • Has a number of great features
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Italy


  • No native Android application

Check out the AirVPN Website!


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