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VPN reviews are quite a rigorous task and we take every review extremely serious. We are currently crafting a page that explains our review process. But please be ensured every VPN is professionally tested. Currently makes money from affiliate programs. This means there is a chance that if you a click a link on the website and buy that VPN, our company may receive a small commission from the sale. This type of revenue model helps us keep the website ad-free & secure. While our personal careers are backgrounded in cyber security, we started VPNFTW to provide only the most secure and privacy-conscious providers. As users come from all around the world, we want to recommend only the best VPNs for you. However, privacy conscious VPN providers may not always meet everyones specific needs. While some corporate VPNs do in fact log, sometimes smaller non-logging providers cannot provide the same level of network access. Because of this, we are forced to recommend some logging providers. Please be aware these VPN’s will only be listed under best for streaming, business, and non-privacy related tasks. While security and privacy may not be a top concern to all, if the providers log, it will be noted. As with all VPNs, not all providers are a one size fits all. There are many factors to take into account when looking for the perfect VPN. We currently allow user reviews, please post your experience in the comments, positive or negative! We allow all comments! (Slander of blatant hate of another company will not be tolerated).

When choosing a VPN there are many factors to take into account. We recommend you refer to our How to choose the right VPN page to find your perfect solution.

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Of course, anyone can freely use original content posted here without our permission. For exact rules and regulation, refer to our Copyright page. As we understand you may be upset with how we reviewed your service, ratings will not be changed unless the service undergoes a full re-review. Please contact us for a re-review if you believe our opinoin may change. If providers continually harass our company over a review, a re-review will not be considered. Refer to our Contact Us page to get in touch.