Best VPNs for Linux

A VPN on any operating system is essential. With more attack vectors than ever and cyber criminals running loose on the internet, encryption is becoming essential. Encryption on websites and encryption on your own network are not even question, its about implementation. At home, on the go, at mobile hotspot, encrypting your connection with a VPN is a must. If one does not secure their connection in public, users may as well give away their banking password freely. Mobile hotspots are becoming one of the largest threats, aside from government agencies.

Even the NSA is starting to deploy malware over networks and is continuing to build bigger sophisticated attack grids. In short third parties, cyber criminals, and even government agencies are attacking your network and manipulating your data for profit. Third party advertisers are scraping up your search data, your personal information, filing it into a big database, and distributing it to as many people that want it. Don’t believe us? Check your email inbox for spam, take a look at the advertisements on webpages, check the snailmail you get in your mailbox. Does any of it correlate to anything you searched, bought, or looked up at one time?

Linux is one of the least popular commercially used operating systems. Linux distributions are commonly used across servers, but Linux owns a very small market on the overall computer population. Since Linux is open source and has far more security implementations, many call the system ‘bulletproof’. No system is ‘bulletproof’, but the systems are far more secure than any commonly used operating system such as Mac OS X, or Windows.

As Linux owns such a small market, it is very hard to find reliable VPN providers that offer compatible solutions for Linux distributions. Not all forms of OpenVPN configurations can be utilized under some systems. Many resort to a VPN Router which offers overall better security, but can be a bit pricier to grab the initial router.

The best VPN’s for Linux are below, the main criteria is security, privacy, price, speed, and usability. Usability is huge when searching for a VPN for Linux as not all providers support Linux configurations.


airvpn linux

AirVPN is an amazing Italian based VPN provider. Air has great features for extra privacy, security, and an all in one configuration generator. Whatever you use Air for, they have a specific configuration for it.


  • Fast VPN service
  • Offers cheap affordable plans
  • Amazing configuration for automatic privacy, TOR configurations, etc.
  • Easy one click Linux configuration
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Italy


  • None really

Visit the AirVPN Website!


express vpn for linux

Express is a great priced VPN solution for Linux. While supporting various operating systems Express upholds strong privacy and security terms. With servers in 39 countries and mobile applications, Express VPN can be used across multiple devices.


  • Fast VPN Service
  • Over 39 countries
  • 256 and 128 bit encryption
  • Offers Linux support
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Switzerland


  •  Keeps logs of users connect and disconnect times
  • Can be a bit pricier months to month

Visit the ExpressVPN Website!

Private Internet Access

private internet access linux

Private Internet Access (PIA) offers support for Linux with full installation guides. With strong privacy terms and a large userbase, Private Internet Access is among the top recommended providers. PIA offers an additional proxy that subscribers can use for bittorent or anything really. Private Internet Access is a great service overall.


  • Pre-made Linux configuration and installation guide
  • Fast service
  • 10+ countries to connect to
  • 1200+ servers


  • Operates under jurisdiction of United States of America.

Visit the Private Internet Access Website!


vyprvpn best linux

VyprVPN offers a VPN service no other company can provide. VyprVPN does not rent hardware, the company eats, sleeps, and works, where the servers are located. This offers optimal security as the company oversees everything operating and what goes on with the physical hardware. No 3rd party hardware, they own and oversee everything.

VyprVPN is owned by goldenfrog networks and has been providing services since 1995. VyprVPN opened their VPN service in 2010, and has a secure established network and datacenter operation. VyprVPN has a great and easy to use Linux configuration guide detailing how to set up secure OpenVPN communications. Sadly their proprietary Chameleon™ algorithm is only available through Windows, Mac OS X, and Android.


  • Unlimited blazing fast speeds
  • Over 700+ servers and 40+ countries to connect to
  • Top of the line encryption along with proprietary Chameleon™ encryption algorithm
  • Established company providing services since 1995
  • Operates their own datacenter
  • Offers support for Linux
  • Operates under the jurisdiction of Switzerland


  • Month to month can be expensive, very cheap in bigger subscriptions
  • Keeps generic logs for 90 days

Vist the VyprVPN Website!


While it’s not easy to find secure VPN providers for Linux, they exist. We are not aware of any providers who offer clients for Linux based machines. All providers listed above offer OpenVPN files to configure inside the system. If you are looking for easy one click clients that do not require the OpenVPN GUI, you may need to run a virtual machine or switch operating systems fully.

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