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When searching for a VPN there are many factors to take into account. A large one being the server and country selection. The server selection may seem easy enough and not much of a big deal, but it can mean everything when choosing a provider. There are many issues among countries and when choosing certain servers the possible issues should be noted.

When looking for servers there are a few things to take into account such as, what will the VPN primarily be used for, what speeds are desired, what type of privacy and security is desired, streaming services, among various other issues or average services used.

What will be done on the VPN is a somewhat broad term, as all of the other subitems are a bit more specific. Before we go into specifics just think what you want to do on the VPN. What it will exactly be used for, and then an educated decision can be made from there.

What speeds are desired? When choosing a VPN server, speeds can vary from server to server. A reliable provider will have a larger selection of servers their customers can connect to. Being located in the US, a person may want to connect to a server in the US. Living in Switzerland, their users may want to connect in Switzerland. Speeds will for the most part be very desirable for both parties as they are connected to a server close to their current location. Now if a user in Switzerland wants to appear in the U.S.A., there is no problem. An issue may arise in the situation regarding speed. As the user if homed in Switzerland, connecting all the way to the USA can drop speeds significantly. Even though the person in the US is getting near perfect speeds, the user in Switzerland may receive less than half of their actual speed. Again, everyone will differ, but for the majority this is true. Why are the speeds worse for a user across country? It is the distance to connect to the server that is harming to the connection. Many factors play into speed, but the short answer is connecting to a server halfway across the world will hinder speed more than help. Now what does this have to do with what speeds you desire? If you live in a somewhat smaller country, be sure the provider has a server close to you. Some providers on our list have 40+ countries to connect to. Be sure to check through providers country list, or whatever country you desire to appear in before choosing.

What privacy standards to I desire? When choosing a server another sector to take into account in privacy standards. While a VPN may be no logs, it is still a good idea to oversee what privacy is desired. While the United States has many laws against digital downloads, bittorrent, copyright infringement, among various other laws, the US may not be optimal for privacy. If a user desires all of the above, countries outside jurisdiction of the United States may be optimal for certain activities. Also data centers located in the United States may be pressured to install logging software of VPN servers. While all information is encrypted at the time, the United States government holds data for at least five years before deleting it. If algorithms become obsolete within the next five years, that data can be decrypted and all traffic logs could be seen. The possibility of this happening is almost completely unknown, but nothing is impossible. Just be sure of the country jurisdiction and the providers rules.

What will I be doing on this VPN? There are a few key things to remember when connecting to certain servers. Some services won’t work, some send off alerts, and there is a trove of issues that could arise. Keep in mind the following tasks,

  • Shopping
  • Banking
  • Streaming
  • Watching video
  • Singing into Accounts

All the following are notable for the same reason. All of those can lead to a lockout of the service if you are connected to a VPN. If the user is located in the US and is appearing in the Netherlands, shopping can lead to a website thinking its fraud, banking can lead to a lockout from an alleged attack, steaming will be locked out because countries have sharing restrictions, and signing into certain accounts will often set off alerts and lock accounts out til verification is provided. All can be recovered by appearing back in the US or near a certain location. Banking and shopping online can still be strict even if the VPN is appearing only a couple states away. It is always good to have the extra forms of security to know accounts are safe from hackers.
Streaming shows on Netflix or other locations may lead to content being blocked. Certain countries block certain types of content, being on a VPN oversees may block such content or unlock new content only selective to that country.


There are a lot of issues to take into account when choosing a VPN country. Depending on usage, speeds, privacy, and security are all priorities to take into account. After over viewing the server selection there are still many features to account for when looking for a VPN. Continue on with our: How to Choose the Right VPN for your Needs guide.

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